At vIT4u we know how important it is to keep your business running and how frustrating any IT related issues or downtime can be. That’s why we’ve got a proactive approach…we identify problems and often repair issues before they’re noticed or impact your business.


Our prime aim is to keep your business running. All the services that we provide will help you to do just that. From file sharing to security, we’ve got it all covered.

IT Systems Management

Knowing what you’ve got, what’s up to date and what’s not is a good start for any IT department. You may be surprised to know a lot of this is managed on in house spreadhseets. Its a start but lets be honest its useless as the moment you finish documenting a machine its a point in time history and not dynamic. Can you seriously check every machine in your organisation one at a time and expect it to be meaningful information? …and what a waste of man hours. There’s a better way, our way.


Security Management

Patching your Windows updates is a good start but have you updated your other applications? The routers firmware, the network switches, the printers? What about your firewall rules and content filtering? Let us take the headaches away and manage these for you.


Backup and Disaster Recovery Management

Every business has to prepare for the worst. Those that don’t may never
fully recover from a disaster. But not all disasters are created equal. And
not all businesses are at risk for every kind of disaster.



Knowing the difference between appropriate hardware and software choices can be a bit of a nightmare. Purchase the wrong device and you may find yourself with just another expensive toy to give to the kids. There are significant differences between domestic grade computers and business grade. Don’t get succoured by short term savings as they are only going to turn into mid and long term expenses. Get it right first time by having our experienced technical team source the correct platforms for your needs.


Anchor Cloud Sync

Anchor allows the mobile worker to securely access and share files wherever they go, on any device. Access can happen from laptops, tablets and phones, as employee content and corporate data is synced on the fly. Team shares streamline file changes, ensuring that teams have real-time access to the most recent file versions.

Users can easily share, set expiration dates, track downloads, receive notifications and send messages. All user activity is tracked – including adds, deletes and changes – enabling restoration of deleted files or previous versions. Clients can also cloud-enable their file server, lessening the need for cumbersome FTP and VPNs..



All the IT in the world, websites, CRM, email, VOIP, fantastic! Well they are when you’ve got a good connection. Make sure your connectivity provider are doing the very best they can to keep you online, be it mobile, Wi-Fi, ADSL through to Fibre or MPLS, we can help.


Telephony Services

The days of the phone system strapped to the wall are long gone. Sure some businesses cling to them for reasons of their own but they have serious limitations and over complications over the modern VOIP solutions. You can benefit from VOIP and probably save a packet in the process. Talk to us about how.


Cloud Services

Reducing costs whilst keeping up to date. Pay for what you need when you need it and access it everywhere, any time. These are some of the aims of Cloud technologies such as Microsoft 365, Office 365 and Azure.


Print Management

We understand the value of a smooth-running office printing process. In fact, we like printing so much that we want to manage it for you.
Our package brings print devices, toner and maintenance to your office, for one all-inclusive monthly fee. It’s a straightforward, cost-effective way to outsource the pain of office printing, to save time and money.


To access your services please visit our customer zone!



We have used a hosted desktop to manage our working requirements for a number of years which is securely protected however we have often had concerns and queries about the security of our PC’s and local network and how best to protect them. It has been difficult sometimes to understand IT experts jargon until meeting Simon.

Joel Sendowski, Burrow & Crowe Ltd
Quick and timely manner in solving technicalities, good communication.
Clare O’Brien, Canvasman
Always available when needed and knows what to do to resolve the problems.
Darren Crowther, Kingson Law

Quick response, helpful and polite.

Clare O’Brien, Canvasman

“I was impressed that you picked it up without me knowing there was a problem, and you fixed it quickly. Many thanks.”

Jenny Cooper, Keysteps Coaching

“Got me back up and running very quickly and told me how to avoid problem happening again in the future. Thanks”

Daniel Williams, RMI Recruitment

“vIT4u were fast to respond and dealt with the problem quickly and easily. An excellent service.”

John Davison, ActionCoach

The speed in resolving problems. It reduces the cost of waiting around for the problem to be resolved before continuing.”, “The way in which the representative conducted himself, his professionalism and dedication in resolving the problems. Also the swiftness in which the problems are rersolved makes a difference in this busy environment. Well done!

Ann Nelson, Light of the World Church


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