Far to often I’ve seen companies try to source computers themselves on the grounds that they can get machines cheaper elsewhere.  Well strictly speaking that is true of course, you could buy a cheaper phone, car, TV, anything I wanted cheaper if you want to.  The thing is cheaper isn’t as we all know from experience the best option, we don’t own the cheapest phones, cars or TV’s because well past experience speaks volumes doesn’t it?  I’m sure you will agree when it comes to business technology its any different?  Computers being so varied make choosing the right equipment even more delicate.  Get the wrong type of drive, graphics card, processor, operating system, network switch or server and you are either shackling the end users that you pay by the hour to be less productive.  In the worst cases the machine wont last as long as planned or even be completely inappropriate and need replacing immediately.  Now compound that with your time, time that has been wasted and is not generating income and I think you see where I’m going.

Software isn’t much better get that wrong and you’ve paid to much or bought something completely unusable and probably unsalable.

Get professionals to help you, isn’t that after-all what you are trying to convince other businesses to do with regards to your  services and products?

I need help!