Say ‘Hello’ to Automated Compliance

Organisational IT has become increasingly complex – with the need to support cloud services, mobile devices and remote working. Securing all of this can be tricky, meeting compliance can be even harder.

CyberSmart is a single platform that allows your clients to achieve Cyber Essential certification and maintain their compliance, easily and automatically. The platform consists of two parts: a cloud-based dashboard and device-based app.

The cloud-based dashboard is used to manage the compliance process. It allows you to check the compliance status of individual devices and allows organisations to get Cyber Essentials certified. Tooltips, how-tos and live support ensure that anyone regardless of technical or compliance fluency can operate the platform.

In order to be able to check device vulnerabilities and configurations, apps are deployed to all devices in the organisation. These apps periodically check and report the compliance status of the device. 

Upon request, the agents can be modified for the administrator to remotely fix issues, or even for the app to automatically maintain the compliance status of all devices. Automated repair is disabled by default.

The platform is designed to assist organisations in achieving Cyber Essentials certification in the easiest and the shortest time possible. The entire process can be divided into four parts. Step 1: Identify, Step 2: Fix, Step 3: Certify and finally Step 4: Protect by maintaining that compliance.