We’re sure you’ve heard the word Malware numerous times but what is Malware and how can we prevent it?

Malware is the name given to a broad range of malicious software. It is any type of software that is written to be destructive, be it to delete or steal sensitive data, damage devices or just generally cause havoc. You may be more familiar with the terms Virus, Ransomware or Spyware but they all fall into the category of Malware.

Malware is basically code that’s been developed by Cyber Criminals with the purpose of causing extensive damage, stealing/deleting data or to gain unauthorised access to a network. It is usually delivered via email with a link or attachment that looks legitimate and therefore uneducated employees fall into the trap of clicking the links or opening the attachment which executes the Malware and is therefore free to do it’s sinister job.

How Does Malware Affect My Small Business?

Small businesses often think that they’re too small for anyone to be bothered about stealing their data or causing damage to their devices or network. But statistics from Hiscox Group show that UK Small Businesses are targeted with 65,000 cyber attack attempts EVERY DAY! This is because they know that small businesses can be easy targets as they don’t have all the cyber security measures in place like bigger companies and they are the path of least resistance.

The Effects Of Cyber Attacks On Small Businesses

Small businesses feel the effect of any kind of cyber attack instantly. Imagine employees coming into work and not being able to do their job because they can’t use their computers, access your systems etc? How much would this kind of lost productivty cost you? Where will your customers go if you can’t service them? Not only will lost productivity cost you but lost sales will too and potentially lost customers.

And with new GDPR that came into play last May, if your business is responsible for personal data, any breach could have serious complications and costs.

So to sum up, a Malware or other cyber security attack could prove to be very costly to a small business and let’s be honest, it’s not something you budget for is it?

What Can I Do To Prevent A Malware Attack?

There’s many things you can do to prevent a Malware attack but the top of the list should be to educate your employees as the number of small businesses we hear whose employees have clicked that dodgy link or opened that infected file.

That said, if you have the right security management software services in place then the amount of these attacks should be reduced, however these cyber criminals are very clever and attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated so that’s why employee awareness is key.

Has Your Business Got Everything In Place To Prevent A Malware Attack?

A Final Statistic…

We’d like to leave you with a final statistic, 92% of Malware is now born from emails. How many emails does your business receive each day?

Don’t rely on the filters that come free with an email system as they just don’t cut the mustard.  For as little as 7p a day a mailbox can be hugely more secure.  The spam filtering alone will pay for itself in increased productivity.

If you want more information about protecting your business from Malware or any other Cyber Attacks, give us a shout…..