Phishing attacks are on the rise. These attacks are aimed at both businesses and individuals.

Just this week Neflix users were alerted to a phishing email sent to their Irish customer base and we received one ourselves from Virgin Media. Obviously the vIT4u team are well trained and didn’t click on any links but if you didn’t look closely at the sender’s email address you might be forgiven for falling for it!

Phishing attacks are sophisticated and even the most tech savvy of us are left questioning the legitimacy of some of the latest scams.

According to Tech Radar 1 trillion Phishing emails are sent every year. Make no mistake that these types of attacks are far too easy to fall foul to.

To prevent Phishing attacks you need to address both the human and technological elements.

Why Phishing Education Is Critical

One of the main issues when trying to protect against Phishing attacks is lack of employee education. Cyber-criminals will always target the weakest link and employees are often just that. Businesses may have all the technology in place but fail to ensure their employees understand what to look for and what to do when it comes to Phishing attacks.

Education is critical! Have your employees had Cyber Awareness Training?

Are Your IT Systems Able To Cope With Phishing Attacks?

So your employees are up-to-speed with what to look out for but what about your IT sytems? Here’s a few things to consider…

  • Have you got a good SPAM/Security Filtering Service?
  • Dark Web Monitoring – Should your credentials get leaked from third parties it’s better to be informed proactively so that you can take the neccessary steps if someone has been acting as you.
  • Well configured email services reduce the chances of spoofed email addresses getting through

You can read more about securing your business against security threats here and don’t forget you can also speak to our team about any concerns on 01274 440011.