Welcome to this month’s round-up for businesses like yours that probably doesn’t have the time, resource or inclination to stay on top of the latest issues in the world of IT and Cyber Security but want to ensure that your business keeps running.

We decided to launch this monthly blog as new threats are appearing all the time and we are still seeing businesses that are falling foul, as they don’t have the measures in place to protect themselves.

This Month’s Top Issues

It takes a lot to shock us when it comes to IT security breaches, but this month we were notified of a rather interesting phishing scam of Fake Penalty Notices!  We could obviously see the clues, one of the big ones being the senders email address but there were plenty more.  See if you can spot them by looking at the email here

Bad passwords remain a problem for lots of businesses and it seems Liverpool fans could be top of the risk list!  Are your employees using predictable passwords

It’s no secret that Windows 7 is retiring in January 2020. The 14th to be precise. After that date, all technical assistance and software updates that help protect your PC will no longer be available for the product.  If you’re still using Windows 7 click here to find out more.

And we couldn’t help but chuckle after reading an article on the BBC website about Mr Sakurada who admitted to never having used a computer, despite being Japan’s Cyber Security Minister!

As always we hope you find the information useful and if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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