How Securing Your Business Has Changed Over The Last 10 Years

//How Securing Your Business Has Changed Over The Last 10 Years

How Securing Your Business Has Changed Over The Last 10 Years

Happy 10th Birthday vIT4u!  

As we celebrate 10 years in business, we look back at what’s changed both at vIT4u and in the world of IT. 

vIT4u was founded back in February 2009 at the beginning of the financial crisis by Simon Lewis when both he and his wife Emma were made redundant.   

We started with just one customer, Simon’s previous employer who are still customers to this day which we believe is a testament to what we do.  We have grown and evolved a lot since then as you’d expect. 

When we started 10 years ago securing your IT meant having an anti-virus package, a firewall, a backup system and that was it.  Technology was everything and all you needed to be secure.  

Today things have changed, and you need a lot more than a few bits of technology to secure your business!

Obviously having the technology is still important, but the human element is now the weakest link along with the drive for the cheapest solution.  We don’t buy iPhones because they are cheap but because they are good.  You don’t buy the cheapest door lock for your home so why take that approach when protecting your business, something quite possibly worth considerably more than your home or your phone?!

The list below outlines the technology that you need in place to secure your business and don’t forget it needs to be monitored too which is why managed services have become such a great option for businesses. 

What You Need To Keep Your Business Secure 

If there’s a breach and nobody reports it how can you defend against it, remove it, prevent it, re-educate the end user and put back the data or prevent it from happening again? Click here for the answer!

10 Years ago hacking on the Internet was like a sport for nerds, whilst today its big business, a profession and the most lucrative source of easy money to the criminal underworld!  Why bother breaking into a home if people give away their digital keys so easily which enables hackers to steal their valuable information?

So yes, a lot has changed over the last 10 years and we expect even more will change in the next 10 years, but whatever happens vIT4u can help you to keep your business running!

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