Why Companies Outsource IT Services

//Why Companies Outsource IT Services

Why Companies Outsource IT Services

Managing all the IT issues and services within a business can be costly and complicated if you have your own internal IT department but there are many benefits for a business to outsource IT services.

The biggest cost to in-house IT is the manpower. Either a fully dedicated salary for inhouse IT or members of staff wasting their own time doing IT instead of earning money for the company. 

How Much Does IT Cost When Done In-house?

Here’s a way of calculating the cost of in-house IT…

Cost = Average staff salary per hour X number of hours spent a week on IT (e.g. waiting for patches to install sifting through SPAM) x number of employees.

Does that make sense to your business?

From a Cyber Security point of view, new threats are appearing all the time and it can be hard for businesses to keep staff fully trained to deal with all these new threats, without mentioning all the products and services needed to protect your business.

One of the common conversations that crops up time and time again is about why companies outsource IT services, so we’ve put together a few bullet points to help you to understand the benefits:

Reasons To Outsource IT Services

  • More time/cost efficient
  • More consistent
  • Available when its needed
  • Focused on the IT
  • Deliver best practice
  • Offer expertise

By opting to outsource your IT services you can reduce your costs, free up more of your valuable time, improve productivity within your organisation and effectively still have an IT department that doesn’t come with the risks and costs associated with having an in-house IT function.

Like anything you need to do your homework to ensure you assess the pro’s and con’s but as long as you choose a reputable company then outsourcing your IT services could prove be a very wise choice for your business.

If you would like to find out more about the options vIT4u has to outsource your IT services, get in touch with us today.

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