The ‘Plain English’​ Guide To Keeping Your Business Running – November Round-up

//The ‘Plain English’​ Guide To Keeping Your Business Running – November Round-up

The ‘Plain English’​ Guide To Keeping Your Business Running – November Round-up

Welcome to this month’s round-up for businesses like yours that probably doesn’t have the time, resource or inclination to stay on top of the latest issues in the world of IT and Cyber Security but want to ensure that your business keeps running.

We decided to launch this monthly email as new threats are appearing all the time and we are still seeing businesses that are falling foul, as they don’t have the measures in place to protect themselves.

This Month’s Top Issues

A lot of the key issues at the minute are around Cyber Security or the lack of it…

1.  Uneducated Staff – Time and time again we are seeing businesses falling into the trap of cyber-criminals because their staff don’t know what to look out for. Only recently a local business lost £30k when one of their employees clicked on an email from Sage as it looked genuine. Would your staff benefit from some Cyber Security Training?

2. Phishing – This is often a by-product of uneducated staff. Phishing is a way of fraudulently attempting to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. We are now offering fake phishing tests, let us know if you would like more information.

3.  Passwords – We estimate that 90% of our support calls are password related. And it all comes down to bad Password Management – how much is that costing YOUR business?

4. Unathorised Content Browsing – We all know there’s a certain amount of unauthorised content that staff look at be it Facebook, online shopping or checking personal email accounts. But what if that browsing ends up causing your business IT issues like this US official did that was accessing some unsavoury content!

5.  The Dark Web – Chances are you’ve heard of the dark web but don’t really know what it is and have probably disregarded it as something else that won’t bother you or your business…but it probably already does! Read more about it here.

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