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Slow responses times, ongoing problems, never get back to you. Here are 21 Questions you need to ask before selecting an IT service provider.

If you depend on your computer network to run your business, this Is one guide you DON’T want to overlook!

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When asked what they value most about our service they gave the following replies:

Joel Sendowski of Burrow & Crowe Ltd said “We have used a  hosted desktop to manage our working requirements for a number of years which is securely protected however we have often had concerns and queries about the security of our PC’s and local network and how best to protect them. It has been difficult sometimes to understand IT experts jargon until meeting Simon.

Simon clearly explained all the types of data and computer protection that we require, how they all work and what they protect you against, and more importantly in easy to understand contexts. We have since used Simon for our IT security requirements and general IT requirements and he has provided a friendly, professional and informative service throughout.”

Steve Clayton of DataBubble said “We changed our IT supplier to Simon in summer 2015, after meeting him at a business exhibition where we were ourselves exhibiting. Right from the first moment, Simon put us at ease by demonstrating an understanding of our business needs. What he especially excels at is explaining technical things in a completely non-technical way, meaning that those of us (like me) who don’t know their HDDs from their elbows, can understand what’s what. Not only that, but never before have I experienced such quick responses to IT queries. I had become used to waiting a week or more for a fix, yet Simon’s responses are usually instantaneous. Since becoming Simon’s clients, our IT infrastructure has improved no end. We now have on-demand IT support with remote access to fix issues, improved IT security, a secure file share system (making ours and our clients’ information more secure), our own secure cloud storage AND expert advice at the end of an email (Simon recommended our new laptops to us, with all the info as to why he recommended them and since taking delivery, the results are amazing). Simon is a breath of fresh air in the world of IT and I recommend him highly.”

Clare O’Brien of Canvasman said “Quick and timely manner in solving technicalities, good communication.”.

Ann Holdsworth of JCH Fabrications said “the speed at which problems are dealt with”

Darren Crowther of Kingson Law said “Simon – he’s fantastic. Always available when needed and knows what to do to resolve the problems.”, it was actually Jordon that did the work but I’m happy to take the credit :)

Clare O’Brien of Canvasman said we were “Quick response, helpful and polite.”

Kelly Sutton of Anlaby Cleaning said “Excellent, always available to help.”

Jas Duxbury of Peritus Health Management said “Thank you for being very calm and reassuring when I was very stressed.”

Leif Holtzamn of Tekdoc Solutions when asked what he most valued about our services said “Quick response, excellent resolution”.

Jenny Cooper of Keysteps Coaching said “I was impressed that you picked it up without me knowing there was a problem, and you fixed it quickly. Many thanks.”

Ani Viswanathan of Magpie Resources UK said “Patient and friendly, speaking in layman’s terms. Giving options available to solve the issue.”

Phil Hailing of The Bus Business said “The nice friendly response we get from you & your staff and the professional response we get when we have issues”

Daniel Williams of RMI Recruitment said “Got me back up and running very quickly and told me how to avoid problem happening again in the future. Thanks”

Matthew Phipps of RMI Inc said “Whenever I experience an IT issue, the team at vIT4u resolve it in an efficient, friendly and pragmatic manner every single time – formidable troubleshooting skills!”

Clayton Courtney of RMI Inc, Boston USA said “Jordan seems like a cool guy. Fixed the problem quickly”

Ann Nelson of Light of the World Church said “The speed in resolving problems. It reduces the cost of waiting around for the problem to be resolved before continuing.”, “The way in which the representative conducted himself, his professionalism and dedication in resolving the problems. Also the swiftness in which the problems are rersolved makes a difference in this busy environment. Well done!”

Arthur Gallagher of Anlaby Cleaning said “The personal approach is a big bonus”, “Fantastic service and very personable approach very efficient staff.”

Hugh Millington of The Sovereign Chauffeur said “Prompt, professional and personal”

Marj Dawson of Peritus Health said “Super-efficient professional service thank you”

Michael Brown of Waterton Park Hotel said “great service, Simon diagnosed the problem quickly and provided effective instructions on how to resolve.”

John Davison of ActionCoach said “VIT4U were fast to respond and dealt with the problem quickly and easily. An excellent service.”

Joe McManus of Foam for Comfort said “The thing that I most value about your service is that any issues encountered are resolved quickly and professionally.”

Jenny Cooper of Key Steps Coaching said “Someone there who responds to emails, and does what they say they will do.”

Edgar Hopkin of Peritus Health said “Ability to be able to contact and obtain a response immediately a problem arises… Willingness to respond to any IT question we personally have.”

Sadiq Mir of FGC Money said “Resolving the problem at right time, and offering the services with full of professionalism with a prestigious quality.”

Lisa Davies of Peritus Health said “Having help at the end of the phone. Getting a prompt response to any queries I have.”

Ian McGargle of Bean Leisure Holdings said “Simon resolved the issue and was, as ever, efficient, courteous and professional.”

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