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Protect critical cloud storage data and files with CloudFinder

Data loss happens, even in the cloud. But can your organization afford to lose sensitive files and folders?

SaaS applications are vital productivity tools for your employees. Unfortunately, user error, accidental deletion or malicious employees can pose serious risks to your sensitive corporate data. The cost to organizations that experience data loss varies depending on industries – but in all cases it is significant.

Eliminating user error and other causes of data loss is unlikely. However, it is possible to minimize its cost and disruption to the organization.

CloudFinder, cloud to cloud backup ensures that the data stored in an organization’s SaaS application is backed up, restorable, and protected.

CloudFinder can be used to perform backups on all data files and folders. Organizations that deploy CloudFinder can rest assured that all of their critical SaaS data is backed up to an encrypted, tamper-proof SafeHaven®.

With CloudFinder, all of your SaaS data is a click away. Administrators can instantly search your organizations SaaS data with rich filtering and select the data to restore. In addition, detailed dashboards, reports, and monitoring of all backup activities demonstrate how CloudFinder is working to protect your SaaS data.

Finally, the CloudFinder platform significantly reduces the burden placed on administrators by supporting today’s most popular SaaS applications, including Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce, and Box. From a single interface, administrators can perform cross-service instant full-text searches and point-in-time restores, making data easy to find and recover.


Automated backup of Office365,, Google Apps and Box data with SafeHaven® storage

Specific and mass restores of data into Office365, Google Apps and Box application and local downloads

Instant full-text search, cross-service search, and rich filtering

Comprehensive overview of SaaS data backup

Military-grade encryption

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